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M&M Products Ltd.

Ballymun, Dublin

Established in 1970, M&M are a Dublin based family company who specialise in the production of fresh and dried breadcrumbs and stuffing. We produce only clean label products with minimum additions, which are all baked in our BRC accreditation grade ‘A’ on-site bakery in Dublin, where we have complete control of the quality and safety of our products throughout the production process. Our mission is to deliver a unique quality offering for our customers, with a strong emphasis on robust quality standards. Our team have developed products from the price sensitive value categories in retail right through to award winning premium stuffing.



M&M Cornbread Sage & Onion Stuffing

Ready Meals & Prepared Foods

M&M Wholegrain Sage & Onion Stuffing

Ready Meals & Prepared Foods

M&M Parsley & Thyme Stuffing

Ready Meals & Prepared Foods